*Tips for title page and page numbers

- APA Style -


The title should:

o Summarize the main idea of the paper simply and, if possible, with style.

o Be a concise statement of the main topic which attempts to identify variables and theoretical issues under investigation.

o Be fully explanatory when standing alone - it could easily compress to a shortened title for the running head and page headers.

o Avoid the use of redundancies such as methods or study in titles.


Every APA manuscript's title page must include:

o Name of the author - first name, middle initial, and last name

o The institution where the investigation was conducted

o Running head for publication - maximum of fifty characters, centered two spaces below header and and page number


Title, author's name, and institution should be placed in the middle of the page - 4" from top of page, centered, and double-spaced.


All pages of the paper must be numbered and placed at the top right side of each page (including the title page) with a shortened form of the title preceding it (maximum of three words from the title - often the first two or three words of the title).