Photo of Black Rabbis
L-R: Rabbi Levi Ben Levy, Rabbi A. Jona, Rabbi D. Small, Chief Rabbi W.A. Matthew, Rabbi M. Stephens, Rabbi E. Grey. Harlem, NY 1967.

Black Jews, Hebrews, and Israelites

Welcome to the homepage for news, information, and conversation for and about people of color who practice the Hebrew faith. All interested persons are invited to visit our online kavurah (community of friends).

When one speaks of Black Jews, Hebrews, or Israelites, one could be referring to any number of groups. Each is unique, has its own history, and follows its own set of traditions. The best, yet most problematic, generalization that can be made about us is that by the prevailing standards of "race," we are all considered black. We exist both within our own congregations and in predominately white congregations. Some of us have converted to Judaism, others are products of intermarriages, and yet others have been in this way of life for generations. The amount of diversity within our group is as varied as the colors in a rainbow. The absence of information about communities like ours has contributed to the monolithic (and monochromatic) image that many people have of Judaism. We are attempting to correct that through education. We hope that our efforts will enlighten visitors to this site and ultimately help to create more unity and dialogue among interested individuals.

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The "racial question" in Judaism.

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Black-Jewish Relations

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