Some Extremely Useful Computing Resources

    I've found these sites to be helpful in the proper circumstances:

  • Color Schemer
              Many, many examples of color palettes that match each other's tone – great for finding combinations that don't clash
  • Tiny PNG
              totally free web service for compressing JPG and PNG files, usually reducing the size of the file by 75% or more!
  • Demonstrating Responsive Design
              preview any website in various device sizes
              on-line tutorials and reference for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL and much more
              large collection of open-source software
              beautiful, royalty- and copyright-free photos for use in web applications
              free to use, no copyright restrictions!
  • ClipChamp
              totally free web service for converting and compressing video files, by truly massive proportions

More useful sites to come.... Stay tuned!