MA 123  - Elementary Statistics   -   Fall  2013


  Instructor:   Clark Archer, PhD.                  Office: KH 041     Hours:  W 9:30- 11:30;

  Professor Emeritus of CSIS                                                 TR 11:00-11:40, 2:00-3:00


  Text:  eBook: We will use online homework that contains the eBook for this course. We will use the online eBook "Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Fourth Edition" by Peck, Olsen, and Devore. You must purchase access to the online eBook and to online homework. You are not required to purchase a hard copy of the textbook.


 Prerequisites: MA 105 or a satisfactory score on the mathematics placement exam.


 MA 123 Elementary Statistics. A study of measures useful in giving concise description of masses of numerical data. A brief study of probability theory provides the basis for an introduction to methods of testing hypotheses and measuring the confidence with which conclusions may be drawn by sampling. Applications in various fields.      4 Sem. Hrs.   { This class satisfies the Mathematics Proficiency graduation requirement. }


 Student Learning Outcomes in this course:


Concentration in Statistics: For mathematics majors, this course counts toward a Concentration in Statistics.


Tutors: There will be free learning assistants (tutors) available for this course. You may view the schedule from the Academic Support Center.


Calculators: Calculators are allowed and encouraged on all quizzes and tests. Programmable, statistical, and graphics calculators are allowed and encouraged. You may not share calculators on tests or quizzes. No calculator instruction booklets are allowed on tests or quizzes.   


 Homework: Homework problems from the textbook will be assigned every day. Usually the odd numbered problems will be assigned because their answers are in the back of the book. Textbook homework will not directly count toward your grade, and you will not be required to hand it in, but doing the homework is the most important way to learn the material and prepare for the tests and quizzes. We will also use online homework from WebAssign. Purchase an access card at the University Store in the HPCC.  The first time you log on to WebAssign, it will ask you for the class key for this class. The class key for this class is 1531 2646. Our Institution code is "mtunion".  


Quizzes: We will have 3 quizzes, each worth 20 points. The dates are shown on the schedule below. Each quiz will be given during the first or last 20 minutes of class.


Tests: We will have 3 tests each worth 80 points and a final exam. The dates are shown on the schedule below. Tests and the final are open notes. You may not share notes on tests/exam.


Cell Phones:  These are to be turned off during class and may NOT be used in class for any reason.


Course Schedule Ė

 MA 123 Elementary Statistics                        ( TcX  means text chapter X ) 

Date of


       -------   Text chapter covered (or external material) -----------

      {minor changes may be made in response to unforeseen events}

Aug 27

The data analysis process, data collection, and data types: Tc 1-2, pp 1-78.

Sep 03

Graphical  and numerical methods for describing data: Tc 3-4, pp 95-206.  Q1 

Sep 10

Bivariate data & simple linear regression:  Tc 5, pp 223-281.   

Sep 17

Review....    Test #1 on Sep 19.

Sep 24

 Probability &  probability distributions: Tc 6-7,  pp 319-441.

Oct 01

Normal distribution & sampling distributions: Tc 7-8, pp 442-519.    Q2

Oct 08

 Estimation using a single sample:   Tc 9, pp 529-559.                 

Oct 15

 Hypothesis testing: Tc10,  pp 577-610.        No class on Oct 15 (Fall Break).   

Oct 22

 Revisit hypothesis testing and inference (one population) Test #2 on Oct 24.      

Oct 29

Inference for two population means:  Tc 11.   pp 637-651.  

Nov 05

Inference for population proportions (two  populations):   Tc 11, pp 671-685.    Q3

Nov 12

Analysis of categorical data and goodness of fit:  Tc 12, pp 699-730.           

Nov 19

   Inference for regression: Tc 13 pp 741-781.

Nov 26

    Test #3 on Nov 26.    Thanksgiving break

Dec 03

  Multiple regression and models in general:  Tc 14, pp 801-826.  Review.

Dec 9-13

  >>>>  Exam week:    Our exam is Dec 13 @ 0800.  <<<<


Course Evaluation:                                     Grading Scale:                     

                                                   A          94-100%          C         73-76%

Attendance                  40                              A-        90-93               C-        70-72

Quizzes (3 of these)    60                              B+       87-89               D+       67-69

Tests(3)                     240                              B          83-86               D         63-66

Minicases (4)               80                              B-        80-82               D-        60-62

Exam                           80                              C+       77-79               F          0  -59

Total                      500 pts


Attendance:  Attendance is strongly encouraged.  Tests missed due to an excused absence (usually meaning prior approval of instructor) can be made up.  Attendance = 40-3x,  x is number of missed classes.  Classes missed due to required (documented) athletic participation, documented illness, and immediate family funerals are not counted. NOTE: If you miss a quiz due to an excused absence, you can make it up, but it will be different and a little harder.  Be there for all tests; a test can be made up only in very extreme circumstances.  


Academic honesty:   All assignments must represent the studentís own efforts.  Copying written assignments or portions of anotherís work in any manner from any source, without the explicit direction/permission of the instructor is a form of plagiarism and will cause the student to receive a zero for the assignment and possible failure of the course; and the student may be subject to other punitive actions by the college.


 Accessibility Statement: If you are a student with a documented disability who will require accommodations in this course, please meet with Karen Saracusa, Director of Student Accessibility Services, in Room 88 Hoover-Price Campus Center, for assistance in developing a plan to address your academic needs.  Please call (330) 823-7372 to schedule an appointment or e-mail  All information shared will remain confidential.