CS 110 -  Introduction to Microsoft Access and Database Concepts     Spring  2011


Instructor:   Clark Archer, PhD &  Professor of CSIS.     Office: KHIC 049.


Text:  Adamski :: Finnegan.   Microsoft Access 2010, Introductory.

                 Course Technology, 2008.    ISBN-10:  0-538-79848-3.


Overview: This is a ten week long two semester hour intensive study of Access 2010. Weekly assignments are made and are due the next class period.  Late assignments are not accepted and receive a zero.


Learning Objectives:

A student should be able to define the hierarchy of data, describe a database, and differentiate a database from a database management system.

A student should be able to perform the following functions in Access 2010

·         Create, modify, and update a database (table)

·         Create simple and compound queries involving one or more tables to retrieve information

·         Design and implement customized forms and reports based on given specifications

·         Integrate external MicroSoft documents into reports



Week (Tuesday’s date)                   Material covered

Jan 11             Overview of databases & Introduction to MS Access: Tutorial 1 (AC 1)

Jan 18             Building & Maintaining a Database:   Tutorial 2 (AC 49).

            Jan 25             Querying a Database:  Tutorial 3 (AC 109).

            Feb 01             Creating forms and Reports: Tutorial 4 (AC 165).

            Feb 08             Mid term test on Feb 10   over pages AC1 – AC 204.

            Feb 15             Creating Advanced Queries and Table Design issues: Tutorial 5 (AC 217)

            Feb 22             Customizing  and Creating Forms:  Tutorial   6  (AC286).

            Mar 01             Creating Custom Reports:  Tutorial   7 (AC 359).

Mar 15             Integrating & sharing data with MS documents  Tutorial 8 (AC 417)

            Mar 22               Wrap-up and Exam on Mar 24.  ( On all material covered )


  Course Evaluation:                                                                        Grading Scale:         

            Daily homework            40 pts                                    A          94-100%          C         73-76

            Class Participation*      30                                          A-         90-93               C-        70-72

            Projects (6 of these)   180(20,25,30,35,35,35)           B+       87-89               D+       67-69

            Test #1                        100                                          B          83-86               D         63-66

            Exam                           150                                          B-        80-82               D-        60-62

                        Total               500 pts                                    C+       77-79               F          0  -59


Academic honesty:   All assignments must represent the student’s own efforts.  Copying written assignments or portions of another’s work in any manner from any source, without the explicit direction/permission of the instructor is a form of plagiarism and will cause the student to receive a zero for the assignment and possible failure of the course; and the student may be subject to other punitive actions by the college. *30-3A (A is  # of unexcused absences)