Statement of Cooperation
Mount Union College
City of Alliance, Ohio

February, 2008


Mount Union College and the City of Alliance have independently initiated efforts to create more sustainable operations.  The President of Mount Union College has created a Task Force on Sustainability and has signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.  It is the goal of Mount Union College’s Sustainability Task Force is to meet the growing concern for sustainability on our campus.  Through education and communication, the task force will encourage and facilitate awareness and action on Mount Union’s campus and throughout the Alliance Community.  The task force will assist Mount Union College in its decision making process in these aspects, and will search out opportunities that are socially, financially, and environmentally sound in order to create a sustainable, efficient and healthy atmosphere for our students, faculty, and staff.


Similarly, the Mayor of the City of Alliance and the Alliance City Council has signed the U. S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. Moreover the Mayor of Alliance created the Green Alliance: The Mayor’s Green Task Force. Their mission is to develop recommendations and strategies to fulfill the U. S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement with the City of Alliance, and to establish partnerships with various entities of government, education, business, industry and among citizens to educate and empower the greater Alliance community with the primary goal of developing as an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community.


Based upon the fundamental principles and concomitant goals shared between the Mount Union College Task force on Sustainability and the Mayor’s Green Task Force, Mount Union College and the City of Alliance have issued this joint statement of cooperation.


The areas of cooperation covered under this Statement may include, but not be limited to:

·                  Sharing research on sustainable operations including, energy efficiency, purchasing, fleet management, waste management and related items.

·                   Supporting one another in identifying and securing funding sources for sustainability initiatives including supporting letters, in-kind services, cooperative efforts and possible joint applications.

·                   Communicating between the two task forces by formalizing cross representation with each task force designating a person to be the formal communicator to the other task force.

·                  Cooperating in use of facilities with the College providing, at no cost, space for the Mayor’s task force meetings, use of computers (by MUC staff or students) for the city survey and related research items.

·                  Cooperating on education with the City offering opportunities for student internships, class research projects or other educational activities such as jointly sponsored field trips, seminars, and other educational programs.

·                  Cooperating in public outreach through joint press releases and other public relations activities.

·                  Other items acceptable to both the entities and approved by Mount Union College and the City of Alliance.

Both entities have been meeting during 2007 and are beginning to develop specific plans to inventory their current level of sustainability. This statement of cooperation is intended to maximize communication and efficiency as both entities work towards similar ends.

More questions will emerge and new issues will continually present themselves to be addressed. Through this Statement, we will have the opportunity to cooperatively confront and address those questions and issues together. Together, we will share these findings and complement the research, programs, and policy initiatives. The end goal is to positively impact the personal and environmental health of all stakeholders.

This Statement of Cooperation is not intended to and does not create any contractual rights or obligations with respect to the signatory entities or any other parties.

Signed and dated


Richard F. Giese, President, Mount Union College

Toni E. Middleton, Mayor, City of Alliance, OH