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Why Geology?

Why Geology? As in, why study geology, or why take a geology class, or why major in geology, or why become a geologist?

Short answer, why not?

Geology is the study of the earth,  We live on the earth.  Look at recent stories in the  news.  Rising oil prices, tsunamis, earthquakes, global warming, flooding, groundwater pollution, etc.  All involve geology.  To  understand the world in which we live we need to understand geology.

Geologists are scientists trained to study how the earth works and to interpret the earth's history.  They apply this knowledge to solving practical problems.  Some geologist are involved in exploration and production of natural resources like oil, coal, water, and metals.  Other geologists work to protect and clean up the environment.  They evaluate environmental risks and hazards such as the potential for regions to suffer landslides, floods, or damaging earthquakes.   On a broader scale some geologists study aspects of the earth's history , such as past climates, in an effort to predict further global changes.  Employers of geologists include local, state, and federal governments, large corporation, and small environmental consulting firms.     

Geology integrates all of the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) and applies them to the study of the earth.  Students who are interested in many of the sciences often find a perfect mix in geology.  Unlike some careers that are office based, geologists often get to spend spend time outdoors.   For an exciting and rewarding future, check out geology.

We would be happy to answer questions about the geology major at the University of Mount Union.  Contact Dr. Mark McNaught ( or Dr. Lee Gray  ( 

For more information on geology careers take a look at our Alumni Profiles web page to see what some Mount Union Geology majors have gone on to do.  You can also look at career information (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) available from the Mount Union Office of Career Development, information on Geology Jobs from, and the American Geological Institute (AGI) Career Brochure.  Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.











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Updated:  01/18/2014

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