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Student Profiles

Jenny Peteya ('10)

Jenny Peteya may have thought here college education would take far, but she never imagined it would take her to the other side of the earth.   As part of a Keck consortium project Jenny spent a month in Gobi desert of Mongolia studying the stratigraphy and fossils of the Devonian Tsagaankhaalga Formation near the Tsakhir well.  She hopes her research on Mongolian trilobites will help provide insight into whether the geology of Mongolia is more closely relate to the geology of China or the Geology of Russia.



Photos courtesy of Jenny Peteya


Josh Maurer (09)

Josh Maurer is working on unraveling a 1 billion year old mystery.  As part of project sponsored by the Keck Consortium Josh, along with 8 other students from across the nation and faculty from Colgate University, spent the summer studying metamorphic rocks in the northwest Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  These rocks may help determine where a tectonic plate collided and attached itself to the edge of North America. Josh is continuing this research back at Mount Union.


Andy McFarland (08)

Andy McFarland was able to put his lifelong interest in Paleontology to good use studying the Whitaker mammoth.  This partial mammoth skeleton was recovered by Mount Union geology professors during the 1960s and been stored away in the basement of a college residence hall for years.  Andy has been working to preserve and catalog the remains, and to determine what the fossil bones tell about the mammoth.



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