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Alumni Profiles

Marco Finotello (‘07)

Marco is a pursuing a Masters degree at Penn State.  He is studying the crustal structure of an area in Western Antarctica using seismology (the study of earthquakes and the interior of the earth).  He will be traveling to Antarctica in the coming year for field work.  Before that Marco will be spending the summer working for an oil company doing deep sea exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. 

You can learn more about Marco on his web page (use the back button to return to this page)..

Photo courtesy of Marco Finotello


Josh Sigler ('05)

Josh is currently finishing his Masters degree at the University of Wyoming. Josh’s research has focused on the metamorphic and structural evolution of the Northern Park Range of Colorado. This study has focused on the use of field mapping, petrographic, geochronologic and thermobarometric techniques to determine the timing and mechanisms of metamorphism and deformation associated with the growth of Laurentia during the Paleoproterozoic. Josh’s time at Wyoming has afforded him the opportunity to intern with Exxonmobil developing and implementing technical solutions utilizing ESRI ArcGIS. In the fall of 2008 Josh will begin full time employment with Exxonmobil as a User Support Geologist.


Josh in the Colorado backcountry north of Davis Peak.

(Photo courtesy of Josh Sigler)


Brian Webb (’02)

Brian works at the Columbus, OH office of Malcolm Pirnie Inc, one of the largest environmental engineering, science, and consulting firms in the United States.  Brian focus is on the remediation of brownfields (unused industrial properties where concerns about possible contamination prevents redevelopment).  His work includes preparing Phase I and Phase II site assessments, soil and groundwater sampling, overseeing the installation of monitoring and extraction wells, and developing remediation plans for contaminated sites.  Brian is also involved in monitoring groundwater around open and closed landfills.

Brian measuring the pH and conductivity of groundwater during the removal of an aboveground oil storage tank. (Photo courtesy of Brian Webb)

Heather (Tatsch) Lowers ('00)

Heather is a research geologist in the Denver Microbeam Laboratory of the U.S. Geological Survey (  She operates the scanning electron microscope and electron microprobe.  She works to find innovative ways to incorporate microbeam analysis methods into solving problems in economic geology and  environmental geochemistry.  The projects she has worked on vary from characterization of the dust produced by the collapse of the World Trade Center building, studying the role of pyrite in the arsenic cycling in Bangladesh sediment, to development of a lunar regolith simulant.  The results of the work conducted in the laboratory are reported to a variety of agencies including the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency, NASA, and foreign governments.

Photo courtesy of Heather Lowers


Dave Ramsey ('95)

To read about Mount Union Geology Alumni  Dave Ramsey's ('95) work with the US Geological Survey click here (use the back button to return to this page).


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