CSC 460 Network Security

Weber/Spring, 2013

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A3: Due 3/1
Problem 20.6 on p. 652.  (My book has a typo, and yours might too.  I think the P21 is supposed to be P2.)  Also show what the four operations used in an AES round would do to the cell in row 1, column 1 of the state in problem 2 of test 1 from Spring, 2011.  For each of the four operations, use the state and round key as they are given on the test as your starting point. Warning: you can't use the formula from problem 2c for the Mix Columns operation, since it is for the wrong column.  You'll have to look up the right formula.
A2: Due 2/11
Problems 21.2bc, 21.6, 21.12 on pp. 677-679
A1: Due 2/1
Use Mathematica to generate a pair of 2048 bit RSA keys.  Send me the public key in an email message.  Then send me a short message that you have digitally signed with your private key in a separate message.