CSC 340 Structured Systems Analysis

Weber/Spring, 2013

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A6: due March 4 (last before spring break)
Work out and turn in solutions for exercises 7 and 9 of chapter 8, on p. 289.  You will need to think through exercises 5 and 6 to get you ready for steps 7 and 9, but you will not need to turn in anything showing your wor for these exercises.
A5: due March 1
Use Microsoft Visio to reproduce Figure 7-23 on p. 242.  Email me the resulting .vsd file before the end of the day the assignment is due.
A4: due Feb 22
Complete problems 11 & 12 on pp. 202-3.  For problem 12, you  only need to create narratives for two of the use cases that show up in the high-level use case model diagram you create for problem 11.  Feel free to turn your answer for problem 11 in as a hand-drawn sketch, although you are welcome to try your hand at using a software tool, such as the UML use-case diagram templates in Microsoft Visio.
A3: due Feb 15
Complete problem 1 on p.152.  Some examples of systems you might choose to study for improvements are Facebook, gmail, an e-commerce site such as Amazon, and Mount Union's Self-Service.  Send me the result as as an electronic document.  Word, PDF, and HTML are all acceptable formats.
A2: due Feb 4
Get together with one or two other students to create a Microsoft Project plan to solve problem 13 on p. 110.  In addition, enter your names as work resources and assign work resources to each task.  Email the resulting mpp file as an attachment.  I only need one file from each group, but make sure all the group members' names are included in the email.  See the Resources section below for a link to tutorials on MS Project.
A1: due Jan 30
You have seen agile methods mentioned in the textbook.  Do some web research on agile methods and write a short essay (3-4 paragraphs—the length isn't as important as the content and whether or not you get your point across succintly) on agile methods which explains the benefits of using agile methods over strictly following one methodology.  A good starting point is figure 2-9 on p. 56 of the text (together with the commentary on that figure) and the collection of information about agile methods in Visual Studio.


The course project is based on a fictitious software development project.  An overview of the project is given in M:\CSIS\WEBERK\Handout\CSC340\CSC340ProjectS2013\Case Study ESSS - Introduction.pdf

The work for the project is divided into four milestones.  You will need a binder to contain all four milestones.  When you turn in a milestone you need to turn in all previous milestones as well.  If you can't get the binder to me at class time on the due date, you are responsible for making arrangements to get it to me some time during that day.

Milestone 1—due March 27
This milestone is worth 20 points.
Read the description of Milestone 1 in the file M:\CSIS\WEBERK\Handout\CSC340\CSC340ProjectS2013\Milestone1\Case Study ESSS - Milestone 01 Scope Definition.pdf.
Turn in the project binder containing the Request for System Services and the Problem Statement Matrix.  Note that templates for the two deliverables are given in the Milestone1 folder.
Milestone 2—due April 8
This milestone is worth 30 points.
Read the description of Milestone 2 in the file M:\CSIS\WEBERK\Handout\CSC340\CSC340ProjectS2013\Milestone2\Case Study ESSS - Milestone 02 Problem Anaysis.pdf.
Turn in the project binder containing the work from Milestone 1 as well as the Problems, Opportunities, Objectives, and Constraints Matrix (template included in the Milestone2 folder), the context diagram of the proposed system, and the list of functional and nonfunctional requirements deliverables for this milestone.
Milestone 3—due April 22
This milestone is worth 30 points.
Read the description of Milestone 3 in the file M:\CSIS\WEBERK\Handout\CSC340\CSC340ProjectS2013\Milestone3\Case Study ESSS - Milestone 03 Modeling System Requirements.pdf.
Turn in the project binder containing the work from Milestones 1 and 2, as well as the Use-Case Glossary, Use-Case Model Diagram and the Use-Case Narrative for the Search Employee Directory use case (template included in Milestone3 folder) deliverables for this milestone.
Milestone 4—due April 29 Friday, May 3 at 1 pm
This milestone is worth 20 points.
Read the description of Milestone 3 in the file M:\CSIS\WEBERK\Handout\CSC340\CSC340ProjectS2013\Milestone4\Case Study ESSS - Milestone 04 Data Modeling.pdf.
Turn in the project binder containing the work from Milestones 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Entity/Definition Matrix (template included in the Milestone4 folder) and the Key-Based Data Model  deliverables for this milestone. Note: you do not need to turn in the Context Data Model nor the Fully Attributed Data Model