Introduction to Information Management

Welcome to CSC 100 for the Spring 2013 semester

This page serves as the course syllabus for all sections of CSC 100 being offered at the University of Mount Union this semester.  To access the specific web page for your section of the course, use the links located on the left side of the page.  Scroll down to view detailed information regarding the course.

  Course Goals

An introduction to typical productivity applications for computing, with specific focus on spreadsheet database applications.  Students will gain facility with these tools in a problem-solving context.  The ability to evolve skills in the current environment into skills needed in future environments will be emphasized.  This course is designed and intended to be useful for Mount Union students in all disciplines.

See also the course description in the on-line catalog.

  Course Objectives

All students will be able to:

  • plan for effective worksheet and database design.
  • know when it is apprpriate to use spreadsheet software or database software to process data.
  • manage the appearance of worksheet entries by applying alignment, font and number format features.
  • create spreadsheet formulas and apply spreadsheet functions to perform calculations.
  • create, modify and format charts based on spreadsheet data.
  • understand relational database structure and navigate among objects in a relational database.
  • create database tables and establish table relationships.
  • develop queries to retrieve data from database tables that meet specific criteria.
  • create and modify data entry forms and data display reports.


CSC 100 is a 2-credit-hour course, offered for an 8-week time period (half a semester).  The course section meets for the same number of hours per week as does a 4-credit-hour course.


The textbook this semester is The Pearson Custom Program for CIS:  CSC 100 – Introduction to Information Management, by Robert T. Grauer et al., ISBN 978-1-256-54524-8.

This book is a custom-printed selection of chapters from several Pearson textbooks, and is available only from the University Bookstore.


The Office of Student Accessibility Services (located in Hoover-Price Campus Center Room 88) coordinates services and accommodations for students with disabilities based on appropriate documentation, nature of disability, and academic need.  In order to initiate services, students should meet with the Director of SAS at the start of the semester to discuss reasonable accommodation.  If a student does not request accommodation or provide documentation, the faculty member is under no obligation to provide accommodations.  For more information, contact the Director of Student Accessibility Services at telephone extension 7372 or through e-mail at saracuka@mountunion.edu.

  Course Policies

All assignments are due on or before the beginning of class on the due date, unless specifically stated otherwise.  Penalty for late work: 25% deduction per class period work is submitted late, rounded to the next highest point.  No work will be accepted after the last day of class.  No cellphones, PDAs or instant messaging will be permitted during any in-class evaluation.  Attendance is mandatory and will be recorded daily!


Attendance 10 %
Spreadsheet Lab/Homework Assignments 25 %
Spreadsheet In-class Tests/Quizzes 20 %
Database Lab/Homework Assignments 25 %
Database In-class Tests/Quizzes 20 %

  Grading Scale

        92% - 100% = A
        90% - 91.9% = A-
        88% - 89.9% = B+
        82% - 87.9% = B
        80% - 81.9% = B-
        78% - 79.9% = C+
        72% - 77.9% = C
        70% - 71.9% = C-
        60% - 69.9% = D
          0% - 59.9% = F