Mike Hardy

Every Spring semester the Beta Iota chapter of Sigma Nu hosts a basketball tournament in honor of Mike Hardy. Mike Hardy was a brother of Sigma Nu who died in a drunk driving accident and while he was in high school, Mike and his friends attempted to break a guiness world record for the longest basketball game without stopping. Unfortunately before it became official a college team beat them out. Thus, every year Sigma Nu rents out the basketball courts in the MAAC from 6P.M. to 6A.M. and hosts the tournament in the beginning and then continue to play basketball after the tournament all night. Each team pays a fee to enter the tournament and the chapter also sells food and drinks to help raise money for the Ponery Children's Home in Ponery, Russia

We raised $485 through donations and the sale of t-shirts. The funds were used to purchase materials for the Ponery Children’s Home in Ponery, Russia. In May 2015 we donated $2100 worth of sound equipment, art supplies and educational materials to Ponery Children’s Home. An additional $500 was spent on videos and educational materials for schools in the cities of Mikhailovka, Zhleznogorsk and Kursk, all in Russia.

Other Community Service