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The Putnam Exam

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is held on the first Saturday in December simultaneously in colleges and universities all over the United States and Canada. It's a six hour exam covering all areas of mathematics, with 6 problems in the morning and 6 new problems in the afternoon. Each problem is worth 10 points, and all work must be shown to get credit for an answer. All test papers are sent to Putnam Exam headquarters in California to be graded.

The top 5 finishers will receive $2500 each, and the top school receives $25000, plus $1000 for each school team member. In addition, the names of the top 500 scorers are sent to graduate schools all over the country.

Exams and solutions from previous years may be found in the library in an issue of Mathematics Magazine of each year, and here.

The Putnam Exam is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America.

Any student may take the Exam. Watch for the sign-up email. For more information or to sign up, see Dr. Zwilling.

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